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Symphony of Perfect Security

Imagine a security operations center fully staffed with security professionals quietly monitoring and investigating threats, all in a harmonious symphony of perfect security.

Now, a dose of reality: Too many security tools, unmanageable alert volume driven in part by too many false positives, and sophisticated attacks by advanced adversaries that traditional defenses just aren’t designed to catch.


This is what you really need to get back that sense of security and make it a reality:

Another Dose of Reality:

Market Snapshot: Research from Enterprise Management Associates (June 2020)

The Solution: Secureworks Managed Detection and Response MDR This provides businesses with critical safeguards – at a cost that is up to 3 times lower TCO than piecing together a security solution or doing it yourself:

• Security analytics software, 24×7 managed services, threat hunting and incident response.

• Knowledge of the ever-changing global threat landscape and advanced adversarial tactics.

• Visibility across not just endpoints, but network and cloud are critical.

Leaders who want to maximize security investments should consider replacing or augmenting their conventional SOC with Secureworks MDR/Managed Detection and Response and achieve:

Smarter SOC
• Scale SecOps to accelerate digital transformation
• Expertise in threat intelligence and incident response

Stronger Security
• Coordinated visibility across endpoint, network and cloud
• Unified response platform across your entire environment

Lower TCO
• Powerful 24x7x365 SecOps at up to 3.3x times lower TCO than the cost of standing up and maintaining an internal SOC
• No extra charges for threat intelligence feeds, detections, investigations, and data value increases

The reality of this false sense of security has driven heavy interest in Managed Detection and Response solutions.
What’s driving that interest? We welcome you to explore the various white papers in our Assets section below and read for yourself.

Eastern, powered by Secureworks, will deliver that security you desperately need. Contact us today to start securing your business the right way.
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