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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider HCI and Dell PowerEdge Servers

Let us help you consider this transition, as well as why Eastern is your perfect ambassador to HCI.

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Ask yourself these three questions…



Take a deeper dive into the technical benefits



Eastern and Dell PowerEdge Servers are a match made in cyberspace


Organizations need flexible systems that can handle their workloads while growing with the business as it evolves with the market. That’s where Eastern and Dell EMC come in, bringing together customized solutions with the transformational power of the PowerEdge server portfolio to offer scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security across multiple platforms.

With PowerEdge MX, Eastern can help businesses:

cloud Easily reconfigure their system to respond to changing needs without disruption
cloud Transfer large data sets quickly and efficiently while optimizing storage capacity
cloud Gain control, simplify administration and automate all system resources
cloud Extend the useful lifespan of their servers to protect IT investments
cloud Support both traditional and cloud-native workloads
cloud Increase focus on business outcomes

Optimize your IT lifecycle with the Future-Proof Program


The Future-Proof Program is designed to help customers optimize the IT lifecycle through a series of guarantees, offers, and assurances. Future-Proof provides support from beginning to end by guaranteeing outcomes, maximizing investments and helping customers navigate the future of IT. This program enables customers to focus on critical business needs while Dell Technologies handles the rest.

The Future-Proof Program consists of 9 offers:

watch 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee
watch Storage Data Reduction
watch Up to 55:1 Data Reduction
watch Tech Refresh & Recycle
watch Clear Price
watch All-inclusive Software
watch Anytime Upgrades
watch Never-worry Data Migration
watch Flexible Consumption

Real-World Customer Success



A national insurance company was in the process of shifting away from their current managed services data centers and building out two new data centers. Because this included the expansion of the VDI, Commvault and ESXi environments, which were already partially built on Lenovo, they needed a server platform that was flexible in configuration, could be easily integrated into their existing environment, and offered world-class performance and support.


Using existing approved reference architectures, Eastern proposed three different workloads using Dell EMC servers – one each for VDI, Commvault and ESX VMs. The solution included:

bank vSan ready nodes in two data centers to allow for redundancy for the VDI environment.
bank Three different builds on the Dell EMC PowerEdge R640, which allowed them to keep the same ESX VM platform for better rack space utilization.
bank For Commvault, deployment at four different data centers, including Equinix, Dallas, Weck and Tierpoint, giving them the ability to back up all environments in a scale-out architecture.
bank In addition to the Dell EMC server solution, Eastern expertly deployed the initial rack/stack/cable and hypervisor, alleviating the time and resources it would have taken the customer to initially install and deploy this new environment.


The customer was able to adapt their new data center to three different workloads, giving them the ability to continue to expand their software environments. The solution delivered:

checkmark A dual-vendor strategy within their compute environment
checkmark Lower acquisition costs
checkmark Improved ROI
checkmark More efficient use of resources