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Eastern has been collaborating with IT professionals sorting through the many different “cloud configurations” for years. With more options than ever, not to mention overlapping security considerations, it takes many knowledgeable and experienced IT heads to address the numerous cloud concerns as decisions are made, and changed, over time.

As you think through how you will continue to cope with the challenges at hand, settle in for the inaugural edition of Eastern’s Coffee Talk Expert Podcast. Eastern SVP Strategic Alliances and Solutions, Rick Westrate will walk you through what modern infrastructure looks like in the digital era, which cloud, public or private is best for each of today’s top applications, and how can you deliver higher levels of services in a consistent way from edge to core to multiple clouds.

By filling out the form below, you can bring Eastern your cloud questions and concerns in a virtual, one-on-one discussion. And to show our appreciation, those who meet with us will receive a $100 Green Mountain™ or Starbucks™ coffee card. A great way to keep your energy up, so you can stay on top of the cloud!

The Challenge:

At Eastern, we’ve seen many customers start their public cloud using providers like Amazon. But the pressure to deploy these apps in faster, more agile ways drives the demand for multiple cloud solutions. This creates operational silos, which translates to additional operational costs and complexity for IT teams.

The Solution:

Tune-in to find out. Listen to Rick’s response here. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and take your questions. Please feel free to leave a comment or talk to Eastern directly.

Dell Technologies Cloud Delivers Improved Cloud Experience

Listen in as Eastern SVP Strategic Alliances and Solutions shares his insight on the benefits of Dell on VMware cloud solutions.

Coffee Talk with Wally: Ep. 1 The Consistent Cloud

Grab your latte and join our host Wally Rival, CTO of Eastern discuss the biggest trends in information technology and how they affect business. In Episode 1, he discusses why IT organizations need a consistent hybrid cloud to support a multi-cloud strategy and the variety of benefits this solution offers.

Our Offer to you: Coffee Talk with Eastern

Eastern supports the benefits of a consistent hybrid cloud. That’s why we’d like to offer you a chance to discuss your cloud concerns with the experts at Eastern. We understand that making time is a two-way street. To show our appreciation, those who meet with us will receive a $100 Green Mountain™ or Starbucks™ coffee card. It’s a great way to keep your energy up, so you can stay on top of the cloud!

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Dell Technologies Cloud

An Excerpt from the Forrester White Paper: “The Total Economic Impact™ of Dell Technologies Cloud”

white paper

Dell Technologies Cloud provides a hybrid cloud platform that helps its customers unify management and migrate workloads between their private and public clouds.

Prior to using Dell Technologies Cloud, the interviewed organizations were managing an on-premises private cloud and made a strategic decision to migrate a portion of their workloads to public cloud (while keeping the remainder on-premises). However, after evaluating their choices (one of which being to migrate their workloads to a public cloud environment), organizations had the following concerns:

  • loss of control over environment
  • significant effort to rearchitect applications and workloads for public cloud
  • additional management overhead and silos required for managing multiple and separate environments

This resulted in significant incremental benefits over the alternative of spinning up a separately managed native public cloud environment. With Dell Technologies Cloud, organizations reduced and avoided: migration and rearchitecting costs, and infrastructure management effort.


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