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Eastern has been collaborating with IT professionals sorting through the many different “cloud configurations” for years. With more options than ever, not to mention overlapping security considerations, it takes many knowledgeable and experienced IT heads to address the numerous cloud concerns as decisions are made, and changed, over time.

As you think through how you will continue to cope with the challenges at hand, take a moment to watch an episode of Coffee Talk with Wally. Eastern CTO, Wally Rival will walk you through why you need a consistent cloud to support a multi-cloud strategy that offers benefits of cloud at scale while reducing TCO.

By filling out the form below, you can bring Eastern your cloud questions and concerns in a virtual, one-on-one discussion. And to show our appreciation, those who meet with us will receive a Nespresso® coffee machine. A great way to keep your energy up, so you can stay on top of the cloud!

The Challenge:

At Eastern, we’ve seen many customers start their public cloud using providers like Amazon. But the pressure to deploy these apps in faster, more agile ways drives the demand for multiple cloud solutions. This creates operational silos, which translates to additional operational costs and complexity for IT teams.

The Solution:

Tune in to find out. Watch Wally’s response here. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and take your questions. Please feel free to leave a comment or talk to Wally directly.

Q & A with Wally and Connie:
What is Consistent Hybrid Cloud?

Join Eastern colleagues Wally and Connie as they discuss a term you’re going to be hearing a lot about if you haven’t already: Consistent Hybrid Cloud.

This one-minute clip addresses what is meant by the phrase “Consistent Hybrid Cloud” and the benefits.

Get to Know Wally Rival

walter rivalAs a CTO, Wally’s career has been focused on delivering IT infrastructure strategies for Fortune based companies around the globe. He has architected disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that have been instrumental to their growth and success.

Wally manages strategic initiatives for Hybrid Cloud, including Service Automation, Software Defined Everything, Security, Digital Transformation, Operations Services, Digital Workplace, IoT, AI, ML , Distributed Edge Compute, and Elastic storage for streaming workloads.

Our Offer to you: Coffee Talk with Eastern

Eastern supports the benefits of a consistent hybrid cloud. This is why it’s our pleasure to offer you a chance to engage with industry leading cloud experts from Eastern. Bring us your cloud questions and concerns during a virtual discussion.We understand that making time is a two-way street. To show our appreciation for you stepping out of your normal schedule, those who meet with us will receive a Nespresso® coffee machine. A great way to keep your energy up, so you can stay on top of the cloud!

Benefits of a Consistent Hybrid Cloud

An Excerpt from the IDC White paper: “Benefits of the Consistent Hybrid Cloud: A Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of the Dell Technologies Cloud.”

Enterprises typically adopt a mix of public and private clouds, each having a distinct set of advantages that are optimal for the specific needs of the targeted workloads.

The lack of consistency across platforms results in a set of disconnected processes, platforms, and tools within the organization, increasing the complexity of managing deployments across the cloud platforms. In addition, the differences across platforms result in diverging skill sets and training needs, as organizations upgrade their competencies. All these translate to additional management and manpower costs and increased total cost of ownership (TCO).


Without addressing these gaps, multi-cloud strategies may prove ineffective at scale and limit innovation, as enterprises find themselves burdened with incompatible silos of infrastructure and higher operational expenses. An IDC survey of 500 enterprise IT organizations with hybrid cloud environments revealed that this lack of consistency across cloud platforms is a top challenge.


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