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Customized Services for Seamless IT

Whether you’re looking for help with a specific IT challenge or a more comprehensive long-term engagement, Eastern can help you achieve your goals. As your strategic IT partner, we make it our business to understand your IT business like an insider. We hold the highest partner certifications in the industry, which means we can design and deliver customized end-to-end solutions that will help you optimize operations and ensure the health of your IT environment.

Professional Services

We’re a go-to partner for Fortune 500 companies across the world for implementing multi-million-dollar IT infrastructure, datacenter storage, cloud and disaster recovery projects. Our priority is to enable your success by designing and delivering technology solutions that help you accelerate time to value across your enterprise with a more proactive approach to IT. That’s why we offer a broad range of comprehensive professional services to help you on integration of new technologies.


Using Eastern’s Outcome Focused Approach, we can work with your teams to assist in developing a comprehensive IT roadmap to support your business goals.  Our methodology includes four repeatable phases focused on defining and achieving your desired outcomes, keeping your organization on top of the latest IT advances.

Workshops to discover key business outcomes and future vision state

Interviews and Data Collection to develop a complete picture of your landscape, followed by an assessment of capabilities maturity and quantifying gaps

Design to support the your business requirements, IT outcomes and scalability needs with documented strategy for achieving the desired state.

Execute the design to accelerate the achievement of defined IT outcomes and vision.

Implementation Services

As your trusted advisors, Eastern is focused on helping you achieve the results from your hardware or software purchases as quickly as possible.  From delivery of projects like storage and data migrations, infrastructure assessments and remediation to designing modern cloud architecture and automation processes, we can customize our services to meet any IT need. Eastern’s IT strategists will keep your IT projects on target and keep your organization on top of the latest IT advances.

Maintenance and Managed Services

Need help with your day-to-day IT needs? We can extend the bandwidth of your IT organization and fill in your internal gaps with services that manage and maximize your critical technologies through both scheduled maintenance activities to a 24/7/365 technical teams.  Our technical specialists bring together years of experience in enterprise hardware, software, and IT services with the highest levels of certifications to help you pull more value from your IT environment, reduce risk and ensure stability. We’ll integrate seamlessly with your teams to provide the same—or better—services at a lower cost with less of the hassle, freeing up your internal team members to focus on other high-value projects.


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