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IT Innovation Through Modern Data Centers

As IT innovations and technological advancements continue to fuel the digital era of today, you need to make sure you have the right IT infrastructure in place that maps to your long-term business goals. Eastern offers that expertise with modern data centers that are agile, scalable, highly virtualized, software defined and automated—across the globe. 

Dell Technologies PowerStore – The Innovator

To fully address the challenges of the data era, a next-generation storage platform must be able to meet four key requirements:

1. Scale up and scale out to manage unpredictable growth

2. Support any workload (block, file, vVol or container-based)

3. Adapt as needs change, without disruptive migrations or upgrades

4. Offer flexibility to support both traditional storage topologies and run applications locally1

The answer to these existing and emerging challenges is PowerStore: the all-new storage platform from Dell Technologies and the most innovative storage array in the industry. No other storage product can deliver all of these capabilities in a single solution.

Innovation Highlights Include:

AppsON –

PowerStore is the only purpose-built array with a built-in VMware ESXi hypervisor2, which provides flexibility to run VMware virtualized apps directly on the appliance, while providing capacity for external workloads at the same time. No other products offers this capability; the best they offer is layered storage apps to perform specific functions.

Flexible Scale-Out Architecture –

PowerStore’s flexible scale-up AND scale-out architecture is perfect to address both challenges in one platform. Every other competitor can either scale-up or scale-out, leaving customers to make trade-offs and not fully meet the needs of the business. Check out the details in this video: PowerStore: Intelligent Scale Up & Scale Out

Anytime Upgrade –

Anytime Upgrade 3 is the only program that allows you to redeem your upgrade anytime after 180 days, and you won’t have to cut another check to renew your support contract4.This conversation with ESG is a great way to understand Anytime Upgrade Video.

Simplicity through Automation and Machine Learning (ML) –

Simplicity through automation and Machine Learning (ML) – PowerStore scales-out and automates labor-intensive tasks to drive IT efficiency even as your environment grows unpredictably, eliminating dozens of time-consuming tasks and decision points to reduce volume rebalancing tasks by up to 99% compared to traditional environments.6 Check this video out for a more technical explanation: PowerStore: Machine Learning & Automation.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

You need an IT infrastructure that’s nimble enough to allow you to compete in the face of the constant shift of new technology and evolving business demands. Eastern’s HCI solutions fill that need by combining compute, storage and networking into a single system so you can simplify operations, reduce CAPEX and rapidly scale to respond to changing business needs.


Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce IT expenses while delivering greater efficiencies and agility for businesses of all sizes in all corners of the world—and that’s what Eastern does. Our virtualization solutions help you make better use of compute power, improve data center flexibility and scalability, reduce your footprint and energy costs, boost system performance and get more from your existing hardware.

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

By integrating compute, storage and management into software that runs on a unified platform, Eastern’s SDDC solutions deliver services that were previously provided via hardware through software. With this infrastructure in place, you can streamline IT operations, scale easily, increase service agility, optimize TCO, support both traditional and cloud-native workloads and realize significant ROI.

Container Management Orchestration

For your containers that rely on virtual isolation to run your multiple apps without the need for virtual machines, Eastern offers Container Management Orchestration. Here, we help you automate and manage the lifecycle of containers and their dynamic environments—from deployment, management and scaling to networking and availability.

1 – AppsOn capability available on PowerStore X models.
2 – Based on Dell analysis of publicly available information on current solutions from mainstream storage vendors, April 2020. Available on X models.
4 – Upgrade available 180 days after invoice. Requires purchase of minimum 3-year ProSupport with Anytime Upgrade Select or Standard add-on option at point of sale to qualify. Anytime Upgrades program availability may vary by country segment. For details, contact your sales representative.
6 – Based on Dell internal analysis of staff time required to maintain balanced PowerStore cluster vs traditional multi-array deployment, March 2020. Factors in effort required to monitor, plan, define and execute volume migrations. Actual results will vary.


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